Nan and Kate

A partial story of Kate and Nan and why I adore these twins.

  1. They are older than me. At this stage of life I am happy that anyone is older than me. When I was younger, the fact that they were older was a sore spot for me. I could not understand why they didn’t want me around every moment. They grew up in the Windy City while I grew up in the Motor City. The two of them invaded our home summers for many years running. They were teenagers. I was, well, underfoot, whenever possible. This meant that when they went to hang out with the Campbell boys next door they didn’t want me busting up their dance party or whatever they were doing in the basement. I fixed them, though. I peeked in the window and reported back what I had seen (nothing) to whomever would listen (no one).
  2. They were directly involved in the hiding of the Easter baskets. Read about those escapades here.
  3. Because of their influence I was introduced to music that was older than me. Since I wanted to be like them I listened to the music they listened to whenever possible. This included Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical. I am quite certain this was not a musical my folks would have encouraged me to listen to for my educational enrichment.  I am happy (well, actually somewhat embarrassed) to report that I still have the entire thing committed to memory and can sing along LOUDLY if perchance it comes on while I am shopping at Wal-Mart. Since many of the words are neither family friendly or appropriate (for anyone) I am pretty sure my fellow shoppers will not be subject to my melodious voice. But if you ever stop by and it just happens to come up on my iTunes…
  4. They, along with their sister Pat, are the keepers of the family houska recipe. This is reason enough to keep them in the family.
  5. Speaking of family, they are utterly devoted to family and it shows in ways I have no space to recount. Suffice to say they love deeply and completely. Those of us that are blessed to know them feel their love and concern.

Happy Birthday!

Words cannot adequately express the gratefulness I feel when I think of you.



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  1. Nancy Bauer says:

    Looking back at the time we spent at your house in Michigan, was some of the best times we had growing up! Who could not have a good time with your mom and dad? I remember us bringing flowers home from the funeral parlor they were trowing out and, put them all over your house! What a surprise they had waking up the next morning! Lol! Teaching the painter Tom the wa wa Tusie as he called it! Going to the Campbell’s band practice and to Bob Los for fun too! I believe you were too young to go with us but too old to stay with Karen to play! Lol! Yet, I do remember going through records with you singing at the top of our lungs! It was probably the high point of our visit with you as we were probably punks to you! Lol! Yet here we are, still loving each other dearly! Thank you for memories!
    Lots of love, nan

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