Nature Shows_Thankful Thursday

world-and-compass_zk9AfYHuI am a big fan of nature. From a distance.

I would love to tell you that I am fearless when it comes to being out in the wild. The reason I can’t tell you that is because it would be lying. In a big way.

I’m sure there is nothing like witnessing firsthand the annual migration of 200,000 zebra making the annual migration across the Serengeti.  The Tanzania National Parks official website also mentions buffalo, lions, cheetahs and 100 varieties of dung beetles that call the Serengeti home. There is apparently a lot to see there but I truly would rather view it from the comfort of my lazy girl chair.

Experiencing something as opposed to watching from the luxury of home definitely has its disadvantages. By viewing a nature documentary I miss out on the smells, mosquito bites, face to face encounters with scary snakes and 150 degree temperatures offered by a live experience.

From home I am able to watch a scene multiple times, eat popcorn, and listen to the narrator flawlessly pronounce wildebeest, scintillating, and insectivorous without sounding pompous (well, maybe just a tad pompous).

It would be a great thing to be brave enough to slog through a rainforest, go piranha fishing on an Amazon River cruise or climb Mt. Everest.

Since I won’t be doing ANY of those things I am content to watch others accomplish those amazing feats. I applaud the film and production crews that risk life and limb to bring the world to me via my television. Because of those that thrive on danger and adventure I am able to enjoy narrated trips to the ocean floor, the ends of the earth and many of the places in between.

So you see that is why I am thankful for nature shows!

What about you? Do you like nature shows or is it more likely I’ll see your name in the credits of a wild adventure?


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