New Old House

HouseA hooligan(one of our children, for the uninitiated) recently became a very proud home owner. (To be precise, his lender became a home owner to whom the hooligan is now indebted for quite a few years).

Before the final closing there were numerous visits to the home, offers between buyers and sellers and inspections.

Last weekend was the big move.

The truck was reserved in plenty of time for the move. The day of the grand event, however, a last minute email was received advising that the reserved truck would not be available at the location.

Lesson one for home ownership: stuff goes wrong.

A truck was located at a different location. A good attitude prevailed, despite the inconvenience.

Now onto some unsolicited advice I would offer to the newly domesticated – some of which we have actually put into our home on occasion.

Fill the home with love, forgiveness, kindness, music and hospitality.

Use words and actions to express appreciation.

Take the trash out regularly. The house will not be a pleasant residence otherwise. Trash includes unfulfilled expectations, critical words, comparisons and complaints.

Don’t forget to help those who helped you with the move. Life goes better in community. Many hands make light work.

Continue to look for items that occasionally disappear. Items such as laughter, grace and gratefulness. Hunt and hunt until you find them.

Make nice with your neighbors. Put up with some stuff that annoys you. Trust me, you will do stuff to annoy them.

Pace yourselves. You don’t need brand new furniture, accessories, perfectly co-ordinated rooms to make a house a home, especially if you spend money and time you don’t have to make those items a reality the first month you live there.

Work hard to make it a nice place in which to live.

Take time to relax and enjoy it, though, as well. Put your feet up. Sit on the lanai and listen to the birds. Invite the parental units over for a meal.

If you feed us we will come.

Thank you for reading!




  1. Sandy says:

    I almost deleted this from my Favorites— only because of lack of time to read it. I am so glad that I didn’t!! This was wonderful and a terrific reminder to all of us, no matter what your age. Thanks, Cindi!!


    • Cindi says:

      Sandy, thank you so much for your kind words!
      I appreciate that you took time from your day to read and then comment.
      The home owner hooligans, by the way, have followed quite a bit of the unsolicited advice. 🙂

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