No Longer A Blank Canvas

photo (42)I like this painting.  A lot.

One of the hooligans went to an evening painting class a month ago.  He decided he liked painting.

He got a few canvases and started painting. He’s had some help from some very artistic, talented people.

I gave him a canvas and some old paints I found while decluttering.

He painted a picture of a seahorse.

I love seahorses.

He used the blank canvas I gave him, added his creative talent and gave me back the canvas as a gift.

When MOMD saw it he commented that the seahorse reminded him of the artist because it has a mischievous look.  I thought the same thing.

First thing this morning I made my way to Hobby Lobby to get it framed.  The two people working there were fabulous.  I asked for advice. They suggested I use this particular frame without a mat.  JUST RIGHT.   The frame was 50% off and I used the Christmas gift cards I received so it didn’t cost me a cent.  Even better.

I enjoyed talking to both of the framers, one of whom is an artist himself.  He is apparently a new employee but is using what he is learning there to become an even better artist.  Hobby Lobby is fortunate to have both of them and so I sent Hobby Lobby an email to tell them that.

There are (to my way of thinking) some really great things connected to this seemingly ordinary canvas.

My son is honing a gift he didn’t know he had.

I found a blank canvas and thought of him. The canvas was given to someone who would make better use of it than I could.

He took the time, with me in mind, to use what he was given (even though it was a bit bowed) to make a present.

The art reflects the artist.

People with more expertise than myself were willing to offer an opinion of how best to showcase the art.

Those same people were inspiring, in and of themselves.

I have a beautiful piece of art to hang up in my home.

What about you?

Have you recently discovered a hidden talent that you are working to develop?  Or maybe something you’ve been doing for a long time but just realized a new use.

Is is something that you can use in order to make another person happy?

Can you play piano, guitar or sing and use your talent in a nursing home?

Maybe you quilt.  Remember this story?

Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Chances are that the recipient won’t care-maybe not even notice.

There is a space below just waiting for you to make a comment.

Thank you for reading!  I’m grateful.


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