No More Mob Mentality

Something I heard today started me thinking about crowd or mob mentality.

I jotted down a few notes.  Crowd or mob mentality happens, at least in my opinion, when individuals see or hear something and begin mimicking the thoughts and words without considering the action or the consequences.  As I was considering this I came up with a few things.  Tell me if you agree.

It happens when people are too lazy or afraid to think for themselves.  Having an individual tell you what to believe is less work than doing the research and thinking through the situation.

Work and courage are necessary to take a different path.

Confidence is needed to make and stick with a decision rather than blindly following others’ opinions.  The confidence can be mistaken for arrogance or divisiveness.  It is definitely easier, for the most part, to give the pat answer or do the expected thing.

I find it refreshing when someone gracefully lives his or her life in a way that whispers, “This is my journey and I am accountable for the way I walk it.”  It doesn’t need to be shouted or argued-just lived authentically.


I thought about the times when I have glibly answered a question because the answer seemed so obvious.  This happened to me recently.  A dear friend asked me a philosophical question and without  considering the answer I spewed forth my response. I stopped myself because I realized that the answer came without any thought at all.

Time For A Rethink Means Change Strategy

I told him that I would like to think about my answer and get back with him.  You know it shook me a little.  Not because the universe would collapse as a result of my answer but because I didn’t think.  Rather I repeated something I had probably read but never digested or picked apart mentally.

It is certainly less challenging to carry our prejudices and preconcieved ideas than to examine them when they pop up uninvited.

It’s easier than stopping for a second and asking myself where the idea came from and wonder about its validity.

This may seem paradoxical but the final note I wrote had to do with wise leaders and friends with whom we can bat the heavy thoughts around so as to solidy thoughts and beliefs.  Having trusted people in my life who spark me to consider my opinions is a tremendous blessing.



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