Not A Bad Day_Thankful Thursday

I was a little out of sorts one day this week.  Yep, I was a Mrs. Crabby Pants.

Getting back to real life after being on vacation often throws me off.

We set our clocks back last weekend, medical procedures for family members loom large on the horizon, our son’s beloved dog died and car problems persist.

Rather than focusing on all that is right in my world I’d been concentrating on the negative.

I even told myself that I was having a bad day. How’s that for self help?

There is no denying my day contained some inconveniences and sadness but those did not a bad day make.

Cars can be repaired, the medical procedures are completely out of my control as is Max’s passing.

Reentry after vacation means I got to go on vacation.

The sad or trying or frustrating circumstances are real but so are all the great things in my life. When I allowed myself to think only about the stuff not going according to my plan I was not all that pleasant to be around.

As I thought of the many blessings I had experienced in the past week my attitude shifted.

It occurred to me that I was not having a bad day. I was having a day filled with both bad and good but that, at least for awhile, I was concentrating more on the bad than the good.

The choice was mine.

I’m thankful that once I got some rest and put some thought into the whole thing my day got better and I wasn’t quite so grouchy.

I’m sure the ever kind and forgiving MOMD was thankful as well.

How have you handled things this week?




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