Not Cool

MOMD was heading out of town for an evening recently. He rushed home from work, took a shower, packed an overnight bag and was just about ready to walk out the door when I saw rusty water leaking onto our kitchen floor. Not good! We knew exactly what the problem was and what needed to be done to fix it.

We have an OLD AC unit and the coil thingamajig is inside our home. Stuff collects in or on it, it backs up and when that happens the end result is not attractive. MOMD regularly hooks a wet vac up to it, sucks out the gunk and then there is no back up. He’s been busy lately and he forgot to clear it out for the last month or so.

I’ve been a bit grouchy the last day or so. There are a few contributing factors. I realized that my attitude has been less than enjoyable. Nothing major but some gunk that need to be filtered out.

Fortunately, both the AC unit and my attitude are cleaned and, at least at this moment, seem to be much better. Just as, in the short run, MOMD probably would have preferred to walk out the door without cleaning the clogged coils I wanted to hold on to my bad attitude for just a bit longer. We both know, though, that the longer gunk is allowed to build up the worse the cleanup will eventually be and there is always the risk of collateral damage.

MOMD took the time to clean the unit before leaving for the evening, thus ensuring that the AC would run more efficiently and I wouldn’t be subjected to a continuous stream of rusty water on the floor in his absence.

When I took the time to confess the things that needed confessing and decided to have an attitude adjustment I became more pleasant to be around. With a cleansed heart it is less likely that I will say something I will regret, wounding a loved one with my words.

I’m grateful that for now the AC and my heart attitude are cleansed because it’s not cool to have gunk in either.


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