Now That It Is December…A Few Reminders To Myself


It is time to begin my Christmas gift shopping. After all, I don’t want to wait until the last minute!

When people come to our home for a gathering (or anytime, really) they are coming to visit us. They are not coming to check corners for dust, walls for smudges or streaks on the bathroom mirrors.

Expectations often result in disappointment. I will, therefore, release myself and others from the burden of expectations and enjoy the good stuff that happens along the way.

Some are not as excited about the holidays as myself.

There is an empty seat at some people’s dinner table now, where once a loved one sat. A card or phone call won’t fix the sorrow but it may be the assurance that the one still here is not forgotten.

I do not need to sample every food item that I see this season.

When at a party, listen more than talk.

Slow down enough to enjoy the holidays. Listen to the music. Look at the beautiful decorations.

Sing loudly. (Note to self: only do this when home alone. Others may not appreciate the volume or enthusiasm).

The work will get done.

Greet each day with thankfulness for the blessings…and not a to do list.

What one thought would you include on your list? You can leave it in the comment section below.

Happy December!





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