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Almost exactly one year ago my thankful Thursday post was about nurses. Click here to read that one.


Nurses, as you may have heard, have been front and center in the media recently due to some comments made during a daytime television show. I watched a portion of what was said rather than basing my opinion on what social media espouses on any given day.

My job isn’t to bash the show. Rather I would like to offer a few thoughts about nurses.

Sometimes the best way to see the value in something or someone is by picturing the same scenario without it or her/him.

I’m going to list a few personal situations when nurses were around. We’ll see if I would have been better without them.


I have given birth multiple times. Nurses were there to check on how things were progressing, kept the doctor apprised of my situation and then took great care of the beautiful little bundle of hooliganess once he or she arrived on the scene.Without exception the birthing experience went much better because there were nurses involved in the process. I vote for the nurses to remain.

Pediatrician’s office

Those same hooligans went for regular wellness checkups. Candy, the kindhearted nurse, was almost always working when I took the kids for said checkups. What good, if any, did she bring on any given day? Well, let’s see. First, there was always a kind word for the little patient. This was followed by a calming manner for the nervous and frazzled mom. Once the doctor diagnosed and prescribed the necessary treatment nurse Candy was there to make sure all questions were answered. Never rushed, she was there until I had a handle on what would come next. As a side note the hooligans went to the same wonderful PEDIATRICIAN until they were in their 20s and nurse Candy was there for all of it. We’ll keep the nurse.

Emergency room visits, home health visits, nursing homes, end of life issues.

My folks had some health issues before passing away. With whom did I mostly deal with in all of those cases? You guessed it. The nurses that worked on holidays so that my family members were treated. Home health care nurses that seem to be a hardy and brave bunch. After all, do they ever know what a home visit is going to entail before arriving? Oh, and the woman who looked me in the eye with kindness, compassion and sadness, held my hand and said, “Cindi, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t look like you’ll have your dad after today.” Sure, I could have done without the bad news that she delivered but, ah, the personal touch. Priceless. Yep, the nurses stay.

Then there are the scenarios that aren’t personal for ME but I personally know the nurse and where she or he uses the hard earned knowledge and experience to make the world a better place.

School, ICU, dialysis, clinical trials, surgery, hospice, India (a young woman who went there to love on those of an entirely different culture). I’m in favor of a nurse presence in each of those places.

For the second time around I am choosing nurses for my Thankful Thursday post.

Feel free to let us know if you’re a nurse or if your life has been positively impacted by one.



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