Observations and Thoughts From A VERY Bumpy Plane Ride (Actual Working Title)

photo (61)Yesterday, I shared with you that I had the pleasure of being on a very bumpy plane ride and how I chose to amuse myself.  If you missed it, you may read that here.  Hopefully no one lost any sleep, waiting with baited breath, for THIS post.

And so, without further ado, I bring you the unedited words of a woman who thinks she may be going down.

Sometimes life is like an airplane ride.  The clouds that look the most peaceful can cause some bad turbulence.

People handle storms differently.

You don’t always know who you might be with for at least part of the journey.

There’s a lot about the trip you can’t control.

Some stuff you can…like choosing not to eat the double pepperoni pizza or double cheese burger minutes before boarding.

Sometimes you get a free ride…But it may have required a sacrificed seat which may mean it wasn’t free.

Sometimes the plane takes you physically away from people you love but they are still in your heart.

People pay a lot of money to be scared on amusement park rides but might not enjoy a bumpy plane ride.

Rules are there for a reason.

When things get bumpy it would be nice if someone would reach over, grab your hand and say, “I’m scared too.”

It’s senseless to blame the pilot for the storms. The pilot is the one bringing you through.

The lady’s purse next to me was like a reverse magician’s hat.  She kept stuffing things in, including a book in a secret pocket.

There’s always somebody that has to use the bathroom despite the fasten seatbelt sign. That one’s free for nothin’.

When the flight attendant comes on the intercom to say the flight is quite bumpy and you feel like you may fly out of your seat any moment you may have the urge to stand up and yell, “No $hit, $herlock!” Just sayin’ “.



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