Old Becomes New

Follow that truck!

Follow that truck!

Have you noticed that many of us have an obsession with repurposing? Turning old into new.  Adding paint, stencils. Sanding. Nailing. Gluing. Taking things apart, putting them back together in a different shape and using for a new purpose all together.

Pinterest, Facebook, craft stores and blogs all give detailed examples and explanations of how we can take old junk and turn it into something beautiful or useful or fun.

Take pallets for example .  What did the decorating world do before someone realized the value of old pieces of wood being used for headboards, home decor, furniture?  And if the pallets don’t look old and beat up we sand them, paint them and distress them so they look old and then we make something NEW… When I saw that truck a few weeks back my mind envisioned all sorts of projects that I could do with all those pallets.

Who knew there could be such a thing as pallet envy?

I haven’t done anything with pallets yet but the possibilities seem endless. If only I could have gotten that truck to swing by my house and drop off a few.

Do you like doing those kinds of projects? Have you reused ordinary stuff into something beautiful or decorative?




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  1. Bonnie Bradley says:

    Cindy I know I’m creative and I could do things and I have ideas but laziness rules over creativity I hate admitting it but that’s the truth at this point my life

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