One Little Word

Clear Skies

Clear Skies

Are you an effective communicator?

I think I get my point across much of the time. Especially with MOMD. After more than 3 decades of of marriage we usually understand what the other is saying (or not saying, in some cases).

I was surprised when he called me as I was walking into our home earlier today. When I answered he said, ‘Why did you call me? What can I do?” He didn’t say it in a mean or rude tone, more perplexed and worried. I had no idea what he was talking about. None. I asked him to be a little more explicit. He said that he had received my text saying I was out of water but he didn’t know how he could help.

Here’s the background. Two hours earlier he drove past the spot where my friend and I were launching our kayaks. He was in the area for work and noticed us standing there so he came over to say hi before he continued on.  The last thing he knew J and I were heading out into the water.

We launched and were leisurely paddling along for an hour or so. Suddenly the sky turned dark. There had been no forecast of a storm but being out in the middle of a nature preserve we decided to turn back and get out of the water. With little warning there was thunder and then two strikes of lightning off in the distance. It was at this point our relaxing kayak trip became a strenuous cardio upper body workout. I was thinking that my naturally curly hair is frizzy enough-getting struck by lightning would make it that much less manageable.

We got back to where we had put in the kayaks and as soon as I got out of the kayak I texted MOMD to let him know we were safe. I was quite certain he would have been concerned knowing we might have been caught in the storm.

What I wrote in my text was: Out of the water but apparently what he thought I was telling him was that I was out of water. He thought I was asking him to find a way to get me hydrated.

Apparently the storm passed so quickly he never even thought about being scared for us.

This small and quirky lesson today reminded me that sometimes one little word makes all the difference. There is a whole lot of difference between “out of water” and “out of the water”.

Back to my original question. Are YOU an effective communicator? Have you noticed the difference one little word can make?





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