One More Cannoli

photo credit: massdistraction via photopin cc

photo credit: massdistraction via photopin cc

Sometimes you just need one more cannoli.

One of my dearest friends to this day came in to my life as a result of that thought and my action because of that thought.

I was at a dinner banquet and seated at a table of people who must have thought that the dessert plate needed to be empty before the speaker would go to the podium.

(Just for the record, perhaps the plate was within my reach).

Realizing that the servers all appeared too busy to bring a second round of cannolis any time soon I considered my options.

I did a little reconnaissance to assess if a nearby table might have an extra cannoli available. Success!

According to Webster reconnaissance can be defined as a preliminary survey having to do with enemy territory. The people at the table were not my enemies but they had two things I needed desperately wanted. Lonely looking cannolis on a plate and an empty seat near said plate.

I bid a fond adieu to the people with whom I was seated and headed to the other table. I already knew some people at the table.

I flashed my winning smile at the person directly to the right of the empty chair and asked if the seat was taken. He assured me it had remained empty and he didn’t think anyone was planning on using it.

I sat down, introduced myself and, believe it or not, confessed why I was there.

I explained the sad plight of being at a table that no longer had cannolis. I told him I noticed his table did and asked if he would he mind sharing. He shared, we became the best of friends and still laugh about my not so grand entrance into his life.

A cannoli. A friendship that’s lasted a lifetime.

Not a bad return on a potentially embarassing move.



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