One_Thankful Thursday

Three Dog Night advised in their cover of the Harry Nilsson song that “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do”.

In many instances it is true. Aloneness often carries with it the connotation of loneliness or abandonment BUT there are those times when “one” is powerful and changes the course of history.

It is still lonely, I’m sure, for the pioneers attempting to do a new thing or do something in a new fashion.

I saw a movie this week based on a true story exemplifying the power of one. As I left the theater I was struck by the fact that usually an individual does not realize the impact he or she is making at the time of the event or decision.


One person doing one thing can make an incredible impact!


History is filled with individuals brave enough to do the right thing, which in turn inspires others to feel empowered enough to do the same.

I am thankful today for the power of one.

One person willing to be light in the darkness, one kind phrase spoken to a person needing hope, one meal taken to a new family in the neighborhood.

Seemingly insignificant at the time, who is able to foresee the potential of the ripple effect of just one choice?

Thank you for reading. Each one of you has touched my life in some way.

Gratefulness matters!


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