Ordinary Opportunities


I heard a message by Dr. Charles Stanley today regarding opportunities.  He reminded us we are to make the most of our time, be wise about our decisions and alert to opportunities.  I took quite a few notes as he spoke so as to review them. As I was reviewing them I considered the following questions:

What will I do with all of that good information?

How will I specifically incorporate those things into my life?

I remind myself that the way I am called to live out my opportunities is vastly different than the way you are called to live yours.

Thankfully, I am not called to live mine out in the medical field.

I hope it stays that way.


I have a high, almost want to put you on a pedestal regard for you if you are wired that way.

Nurses should have halos that shine a beam of light upon them as they perform their duties.

Another idea would be a sign that hovers above them proclaiming, “I am here to HELP you so quit yelling at me or say thank you once in a while” as they do the disgusting things nurses do with regards to other’s bodily fluids.

The nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists and all of those professions are often undervalued in my humble opinion. If you come in contact with one or more of those folks today offer a word of appreciation.

Hopping off my soapbox…

Whatever profession we find ourselves in there are opportunities to change a life or at least brighten a day.  My friend Barb and I were in a Goodwill store looking for a table I could paint at the Becoming Conference. We witnessed the cutest interaction.  One that we have talked about a few time since.

Wednesdays at this Goodwill store are “Senior Discount Days” for people 55 years and older.  As Barb and I stood in line we heard the cashier ask to see a customer’s ID in order to ensure the woman was entitled to a discount.  The elderly wheelchair bound woman got so flustered she laughed to think someone would ask her to verify her age.  She appeared to be rapidly approaching 80 to me.  Maybe even on the other side of 80. The customer told the cashier that she made her day!  That was a small small thing and probably not what Dr. Stanley was referring to in his sermon but I think it counts.  We were not quite as pleased when our cashier gave us the discount without asking for our IDs but that is another story.

In the coming days I will give thoughtful consideration as to how I will take Dr. Stanley’s challenge to heart. I truly want to make the most of my time, be wise about my decisions and alert to opportunities before me.  I’m guessing you’ll be hearing more about this.

I would love to hear how you are making the most of your opportunities, being wise about your decisions and/or being alert to opportunities before you.  Or how you’ve thanked a medical professional.  🙂


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