Others_Thankful Thursday

Looking back over the past month I realize how many people touch my life in a positive way.

I’ll share a few examples and invite you to think of the others in your world.

The friend who lent me her car this week.

The hooligan who came over to help me with computer stuff and also got something out of the crawl space for me.

The postal worker who advised on a cheaper way to ship some packages.

The web designer who patiently answered many questions.

The tattoo shop that collected hundreds of toys and gifts and is having a wrapping party on Sunday.

The armed forces personnel, here and abroad. Especially those who won’t be with family this Christmas.

The couple that sent us a gift card contained in a Christmas card.

The nurse (and new mom) who volunteered to work both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year so that co-workers could enjoy family time.

The friend who consistently shares my blog posts on her Facebook page.

The woman that picks up litter in our neighborhood’s median multiple times a week.

These people remind me that there is more good than bad in this world. The headlines give us the bad news but individuals we know often flesh out the kind and generous side of people.

What 3 individuals, groups or events would you add to the list?

Thank you for reading!




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