Our Gain_Thankful Thursday

We gained a daughter. Privileged to meet the family and friends that have helped to shape her into a beautiful beautiful woman. It becomes even more clear how she has become this gem.

Loved ones came from across the country, the state, the county to share the joy.

There was laughter, food, dancing and a donut truck. Flowers. A wonderful rehearsal dinner, lovingly prepared by a priceless friend. Linens lent and ironed.

A picture perfect day. Postcard perfect. Superb sunset.

Serious pledges. Humorous vows with promises exchanged should the Zombie Apocalypse take place during their life time.

The memories and photos (more of which will be shared in future posts) fill my heart with joy.

My son now wears a wedding ring.

Photo by Tiffany Smith Herbert. Used with permission.

Photo by Tiffany Smith Herbert. Used with permission.



    • Cindi says:

      The photos will come. It was such a beautiful venue and the photographer was amazing. Thank you for being such a caring friend.

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