Our House_Thankful Thursday


Thirty years ago this weekend we moved into this house. We were a family of five.

Two hooligans have been added to the group.

We’ve lived in this house longer than anyone else on this block. Does that mean we chased the residents of every house away at least once? Perhaps.

If the walls could talk they would speak of the many many people that have stopped by for a visit-a cry, some hilarity, much prayer, some cajoling!



Weeklong hurricane parties.

Total renovation including a wall removed, a peninsula added, flooring redone. Many different wall colors, furniture styles.

Thirty years.

Broken bones (usually involving a skateboard). Wisdom teeth. Braces.

Food. So much food. Popcorn.

Drums. Guitars. Piano. Video games.

Trees landing on our lanai. Twice.

Partings. Sadness always at the parting.

Reading. Writing. And yes, ‘rithmetic.

Sand. Sun. Shade. Rain.

Homeschooling. Christmas caroling. Coloring.

Wonderful neighbors.

Work hard. Play hard.

Forgiveness. Grace. Always grace.

Thirty years! Thankful. So very thankful.



  1. Ruth Ann says:

    Wow…..30 years of memories in one house……doesn’t it go by in a blink? I can’t even imagine that…..since Al & I moved 18 times during our 46 years of marriage….the longest we stayed in one house was nine years, and thankfully they were during the kids important school years, and all three were able to graduate from the same school!!! Such is life….like Forest Gump says, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get” It has been a great & wild adventure, to be sure! And we have many, many wonderful memories!!! And lots of stories to share around the campfire!!! LOL!!!

  2. Claire says:

    Wow, 30 yrs. Lots of memories. ..
    I can relate, as my hubby and I spent 30 yrs, in our first home. Once we retired, we moved into a home in which we built together.
    We are nearing our 10th yr in this home, many more memories
    Feeling grateful & Blessed

    May the memories to come, be nothing but, Good ones for you. God Bless, your humble abode. 🙂

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