Ours Is A Gentle Love_Thankful Thursday

I married my best friend on this day over 3 decades ago.

It was a beautiful brisk day in Michigan.

My groom arrived at the church at least an hour before I did. Surrounded by family and friends he sung to me as I walked up the aisle on my Daddy’s arm.

It was a lovely ceremony.  Two friends wrote and sang songs for the occasion. Memories from that day are etched deep in my mind.

As well as all the years that have followed.

The invitation to our wedding had the following words on the outside: Ours Is A Gentle Love.

We’ve kept the vows we wrote to each other to the best of our abilities, dependent on God for wisdom and grace.

I am more grateful than words can express for the Man Of My Dreams.  How proud I am to be married to him.  How thankful I am that he is the father to our children.  They are blessed beyond measure.

When you are married to someone for that long you know them so well.  You remain individuals with different thoughts and opinions but you grow more alike in many ways.

Often he will bring something up in conversation that I have been thinking about but haven’t mentioned.  These types of things happen so often we aren’t even surprised by them anymore.

Below is a perfect example of great minds thinking alike.  These are the cards we gave each other today.

photo (52)

He bought my card yesterday.

I did not plan well enough ahead to buy a card and had planned to write out my thoughts on a notecard.

When I opened the closet to get some stationery I found the card I had given him for his birthday last year.  I pulled it out, read it and thought the words perfect for an anniversary card.  When he got home from work the card from me was waiting by his computer. After he set his stuff down he handed me an envelope with the card he got me.  I laughed and laughed when I opened it.

This week’s Thankful Thursday topic was easy for me.  I am thankful for my husband and our marriage.  Thirty two years may seem like a long time but for me it is not nearly long enough. Looking forward to the next 32!


  1. Claire says:

    Cindi. OH How I remember that special day, you became part of our family. and MOYD singing to you, With such Love from his heart and Love in his eyes. I love you both dearly. Happy Anniversary

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