Photographs_Thankful Thursday

Fortunately, I was able to locate the thumb drive I was looking for.  It contained pictures that I expected and then some I had forgotten about.

There were pictures from some group bike trips with a bunch of our friends. Looking at the photos of one trip really made me smile.  There were 8 or 10 of us on this particular trip and the idea behind the trip made me smile.  We did a progressive dinner bike trip.  A progressive dinner, as you may know, is one where you go to different homes for each course of a meal.  The group of friends all lived within a few miles of each other so we didn’t really rack up too many miles.  We all met at one home for appetizers, rode our bikes to another home for salad, a third home for the main course and then to the last home for dessert and coffee.  What I remember most was the fun of riding between homes and congratulating ourselves for such a clever idea.  One of those social events that didn’t cost much money but sure was fun.

Another set of pictures were random family pictures when the hooligans were much younger.  Prom dresses, school plays and some vacation pictures reminded me of the busyness of life back then.

Then there were the photos of insects and flowers and stuff that MOMD captured on his phone while out doing battle with the mosquito population of our fair town.  Things of interest that he came across while trouncing through the woods.

I found photos of friends and family that have passed away. Pictures of them before illness ravaged their bodies, smiles large as a holiday or event was celebrated.

Thankful not only for the images themselves, I was happy to think about the people in the pictures and the memories represented.

Do you like looking at old pictures?




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