Pizza and A Fitness Club Membership


Brilliant advertising or just plain dumb?

The youngest hooligan brought home a pizza the other night.  A few days later the pizza was gone and the box was ready for the trash.  I was taking a load out to recycling and grabbed the pizza box.  As I did this the advertisement on the outside of the box caught my attention.  I did not believe what I was seeing.

It was an advertisement to join a local fitness center.

I pondered this, grabbed my phone and took a picture.

Does this make sense?

I’m picturing this scenario happening in cars all over the area.

Two friends stop to pick up a pizza.  One person is driving and the other is sitting with the scalding hot box on her lap.

She looks down and sees the advertisement and says to her friend, “Hey, after we inhale this delicious double pepperoni and green pepper pizza oozing with cheese and sauce, let’s get on our workout clothes and go join the gym.  Well, maybe we’ll finish off the breadsticks first.  Don’t want them to go to waste.”

Am I the only one here who thinks this is dumb?

In the very unlikely event that this advertising blitz is a success it seems to me that the pizza place will see a decline in business as customers avail themselves of the irresistible offer of a gym membership.  Is it likely that the new fitness convert is going to be going to grab another pizza anytime soon?

This does remind me of a story from my long long ago.  A friend and I were having breakfast at a local restaurant.  I had some type of omelette. Somewhere on my plate was bacon and a helping of potatoes.  For some reason I am thinking the name of my selection was omelette au lard or something.

As I looked at my plate of food and my ever expanding waistline I remembered that there was a fitness center next door.  I mentioned this to Juli and suggested that perhaps we should check out the facilities.  Once we pushed ourselves away from our now empty plates we did just that and we joined the gym that day.

Maybe I have been hasty in my assumption that advertising a gym membership on a pizza box is a dumb idea.  Now that I’m thinking of it perhaps the fitness center has moved past getting local eateries to name their entrees with words like lard.

Maybe they’ve gotten into the pizza business.


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  1. Bonnie Bradley says:

    sounds like the place for us, what I hate is when you go out with a bunch of girls for lunch or dinner and all they talk about it weight and diets I want to yell out please shut up let me eat before you lay guilt on

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