Post Mother’s Day Post

This is a post Mother’s Day post.

My day was filled with family and love and laughter and gifts and food.

There’s always a tinge of sadness now because my mom and mother-in-law are gone. One hooligan lives far away and couldn’t be here.

It was still a great day for me though.

I thought a lot about Mother’s Day this year and the feelings and expectations associated with it. It can be a day filled with happiness and pride. A special time for Mom to be Queen For A Day. But not everyone feels that joy.

I contemplated the sorrow that some feel as the day approaches. For some, it is the first Mother’s Day without Mom.  The first time in life when no Mother’s Day card is needed. It makes for a tough time. Some children are slowly losing Mom to Alzheimer’s or another debilitating disease.

Others struggle with infertility and so it is yet another Mother’s Day of not being a Mom.

Some have born the unspeakable grief of losing a child.

It brings to mind, once again, the things that have been rattling around in my brain for a while now.

Celebrate the people in our lives.

Be sensitive to the people that are having a tough time.  Holidays can be hard.

Life is imperfect. It is messy. The circumstances often are far different than our expectations but they are what they are.

Be grateful for the blessings, even the ones that seem disguised as something else.


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  1. Jill says:

    These sentiments are so accurate, Cindi, that I’m reading through the tears this morning.
    Thank you, again, for sharing such powerful reminders.

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