Practice Thanksgiving and Nine Decks of Cards_Thankful Thursday

heap of playing cards on a green cloth background

Because this seemingly ordinary family likes to party (which always includes food) a decision was made to have a practice Thanksgiving while our CA hooligan was still in town for the wedding. Of course we have been having Thanksgiving dinners as long as we have been a family…even before that if you count the parental units’ childhood turkey days.

One might be tempted to ask why a family would need to practice Thanksgiving (as in a dinner). The answer is quite simple, really. We like to meet and eat, and doing so on a day that ends with “y’ affords just such an opportunity. The deal is sweetened when the total hooligan population is in one city at the same time.

In theory all Thanksgiving recipes have been tried and approved and so no practice is needed. The benefit of having the practice Thanksgiving dinner this year was the determination that green bean casserole made with frozen green beans just isn’t as tasty as the variation made with canned green beans. There just isn’t the mushy texture of indeterminate ingredients when using frozen beans.

Another benefit of a practice Thanksgiving was that we were then able to discuss the plans for the real Thanksgiving Day as well as the upcoming Christmas festivities. The major topic, of course, being menu items for said holidays.

Once the dishes were cleared and the leftovers were packed away (just kidding, there were no leftovers) someone suggested that we play a game. The game that was chosen was one that we played a lot when the darlings were younger. Each player uses his/her own deck of cards and plays the klondike solitaire game-the twist being aces are thrown in the middle and the stacks can be played on by any player. This seems like it would be a quiet mild game. Trust me when I tell you that nine players using nine decks of cards is anything but quiet. We were all rather astonished to discover there actually were nine decks of cards in the house.

There were moments of sadness for me as I thought about driving CA hooligan to the airport the next day or the fact that the wedding week was drawing to a close. Almost immediately, though, I thought of all the fun that was had, the food that had been provided and consumed and the memories we had made. Thankful for the noise, the chaos, the blessedness of moments shared!

Anything in particular that you’re thankful for this week? It’s your turn! Please leave a comment below, if you’d like.

Gratefulness matters.


  1. Linda Grelles says:

    The love and fun your family shares is a wonderful thing. All the hooligans are loving, kind and respectful.
    I know you and your MOMD are the kind of people that just love each one unconditionally.
    You are all so blessed.
    XO, Linda

    • Cindi says:

      Thank you Theresa. You are absolutely correct. I hope you and your family have a happy holiday season as well. How’s quilting?

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