photo (60)I flew back from CA yesterday.

Our country must be in a very windy time of year because every time I flew I kept hearing about high winds, or changing winds. Last night was no different.  Things started out innocently enough when we flew out of Vegas but the last 2-3 hours of the flight were the most turbulent I’ve ever flown through (with the exception of Hurricane Elena- but THAT is another story).

I decided to write some thoughts on my iPhone while all this crazy turbulence was taking place. I would take out my glasses, pull out my phone, type a sentence, take off my glasses, put glasses and phone away and sit back and look out the window for a minute.  My best estimate is that I did this 30 times.  I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t just leave my glasses on and hold on to my phone until the next burst of inspiration hit.

Perhaps I was afraid my phone would fly out of my hand and conk my seat mate in the head as she quietly slept through it all.

Maybe I did it in the event that someone sitting near me would notice and think I was a world famous writer jotting down a few last thoughts before the wings flew off our aircraft and my phone and family would somehow be united by rescuers.

Possibly, I did it because that is the kind of crazy stuff I do on a regular basis.

By now I’m certain you are on the edge of your seat wondering why I have shared this fascinating bit of information with you. Please stop biting your fingernails long enough to MARK YOUR CALENDARS to come back tomorrow to read the rest of this UNEDITED post.  Yes, folks you read that correctly.  I am going to share the exact words I typed while I was, if not in fear for my very life, somewhat, shall we say, concerned.  The funny part of all of this was that I was not scared or nervous.

I did hear a few individuals around me availing themselves of the vomit receptacles (barf bags) but never could determine if those individuals had partied hearty in Las Vegas or their tummies just weren’t enjoying the flight.


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