Recently I wrote a few reminders to myself about December. Keeping them in mind as I prepared for the soup and salad part of our progressive dinner with our small group helped me to keep a sense of humor about our undone stuff.



Greeting our guests…gingerbread man with a message

It would have been more than a little silly to ask MOMD to move the heavy boxes of flooring. There was an additional benefit to them being there, by the way. No way to see the dust bunnies that may be hiding behind the couch.

Guess what?! NOT ONE of our guests mentioned the flooring. No one turned around and said, “Well, I can’t eat soup at THIS house-they have stuff right out in plain view!” I think the only person who even saw it was Betty and that was because I dragged her over there to show her my clever signage.


How does this happen?

How does this happen?

I admit I spent more than an hour trying to figure out what caused this section of lights to go out. I abandoned that exercise in futility and decided to be happy it was only one small section that was out.

One of the things I reminded myself of is that I don’t need to eat every tasty morsel of food that I see.


Being part of a progressive dinner is NOT the best time to put this to the test.

The first house we went to had at least 4 or 5 different delicious appetizers…Not the basic chips and salsa you get around this joint. There were spinach balls, cheese thingamajigs and a host of other delicacies. What’s a girl to do?

Next stop…our house- soup, Caesar salad and broccoli salad were the offerings.

After being surprised by some sweet little carolers (and their parents) as we were leaving our house it was off to the main course of pasta with sausage. Superb!

The final stop was dessert. Most of us were in a food coma before arriving at the dessert house. However, please look at this table full of homemade treats. Homemade by one person, I might add.



At least three types of cookies, peanut butter pie, brownies and carrot cake.

I’m sure that when I go to my next Christmas party I will be much better about not sampling everything. Of course there is no significant historical data to support this optimism.

The progress? Left things undone before company arrived. Did not stress.

The food thing? Let’s just say there is room for improvement.

How’s your December going?


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