Quilting Studio Field Trip

Someone I know quilts.  She has a quilting studio, in fact.  I asked if I could come watch her work sometime.  I don’t think she realized I meant it.  She graciously invited me over.

This is something she is working on for someone else.


She gave me permission to snap a few pictures around her studio.






The colors of the fabrics were beautiful.


The thread was vivid as well.

I love the bottle of No Sew on the bottom left.  I forgot to ask why a quilter would have such an item.  Right next to the Elmer’s Glue.  Maybe I could learn to quilt.  Just kidding!



These guys below are keeping an eye on things.  Some of them like to monkey around.

And, yes, I just said that.



The cabinet below is filled with her UFOs (unfinished objects-quilts, in this case) that she will tackle when she no longer quilts for other people as much.




NOW, we are getting to the really good stuff.

I got to work on the project below.  I have to tell you a few things about this:

1.  The machine goes FAST!

2.  I had no idea what I was doing.

3.  It was an absolute blast.




The best is yet to come!

I am not kidding.


It is an amazing feat of technology and machinery.

I am so glad she said I can come back.

I’m hoping I can find a friend with a wood-working studio where I can come snoop around.

Any volunteers?



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