Rested and Ready

Rested and ready.

Ready to work.

Ready for a few new challenges.

Ready to quit eating a month’s worth of fat grams in one day.

Ready to get back to zumba.

I’ve enjoyed rest and relaxation over the last few weeks.  Time with friends and MOMD. Crafts. A Downton Abbey marathon. Reading. Writing. Thinking.

But now it’s time to get serious about fun stuff like income tax preparation, roof replacement, hot water tank replacement, property tax and home owner’s insurance premium.  I didn’t really mean fun when I said fun, you know.  But as I reread those things I am reminded there are things for which to be grateful.

We need a new roof because we have an old roof over our head. It has survived multiple hurricane seasons, rain, sun and windy days.  The old old roof has kept us dry, warm in the winter and somewhat cool in the summer.

Paying property taxes isn’t fun but then I live in a county where we have wonderful libraries, hospitals and the first responders respond promptly.

The water heater needs to be replaced because that too is old.  But it has served a large family well. Clean hot showers on demand.  Much of the world would love to have a water heater to replace, I’m sure.

I must confess I am having a more difficult time coming up with reasons to be thankful for a billion page tax code and some of the things our tax dollars support. But then I think of our armed forces, national parks and museums, the Library of Congress-supported in part by tax money. So I guess I can be at least a little thankful.

All of this reminds me that rest is wonderful. But so is work and responsibility for the things that have been entrusted to us.

Besides, there is always that upcoming trip in the near future. <Wink Wink>.


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