Root Canals_Thankful Thursday


A few days ago I told you about some of the fun I’ve had this week.

In case you missed it you can read it here.  In that post I mentioned that I would let you know some of the things for which I was thankful despite the fact that I was talking about ROOT CANALS-two dreaded words.

Here’s my list.

The x-rays that showed the problem needing the root canals. Occasionally one of the teeth would feel a bit sensitive but not enough for me to realize there was a problem.  I’ve had family members that had issues with their teeth which in turn caused all sorts of other health issues. I’m grateful this was caught and treated quickly.

The day of the first root canal I sat in the chair waiting for the area to be numbed and it struck me how blessed I am to live in a country where excellent dental care is available. This is not true in many areas of the world.  Sterile conditions. Top of the line equipment. Men and women who dedicate many many many years to learn how to do this stuff.

Dental insurance.  While I had to pay a large portion out of pocket the dental insurance we have will cover at least part of the bill. Every little bit helps. I had the money available to pay my portion. There have been times when we didn’t have the financial resources to cover something this large.

Deep breathing practiced at Holy Yoga helped me not to tense my shoulders and to relax.

I had absolutely no post procedure pain.  My jaw was a bit tense from having my mouth open for so long but even that went away in an hour or so.

Do I want another root canal anytime soon? UH, no. Am I glad they’re done? Sure am.

I guess I did have a little bit of anguish, come to think of it. The pain of payin’ my bill.

What’s on your mind?




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