Saturday Is A Good Day To Be Thankful

MOMD just read me his list of 10 things for which he is grateful for today.

We’ve been talking a lot about gratefulness lately.

A day or two ago he and I discussed that sometimes it is hard to list out the things for which we are thankful because some items seem so insignificant.  We concluded, however, that when we acknowledge even the smallest blessings we are being deliberate in our gratefulness.  We’re taking notice of all of the richness of life.

I think that expressing gratefulness is the opposite of complaining. If we aren’t careful we sure do complain about the littlest things, don’t we?

Instead of complaining about not getting a close parking space I could be grateful I had a car to drive and the health to walk a little further.

Rather than griping about dragging the trash can to the street I can be glad I live in a place that has trash picked up twice a week.

I might observe people in line at the store instead of complaining about the wait.  I can choose to think how privileged I am to live in a county where obtaining food is so very convenient.

When I don’t feel like doing laundry or dishes I can turn it around and be thankful that I have clothing and food, appliances and a family.

When I catch myself complaining or thinking about complaining I am trying, in that moment, to stop and think of something for which I can be grateful.  Or at least keep my mouth shut so those around me don’t have to hear me yammering about it.

Do you complain a lot or are you more apt to practice thankfulness?

Is this an area where you need work?

Me too!

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  1. Claire says:

    Thankfulness, surely changes my attitude towards, circumstances & life in general. My hubby and I had planned to leave for FL a couple of weeks ago, from the time we wanted to leave, we had snow for approximately two weeks, lots of snow, making it impossible to leave with our motor home, so we just shoveled everday & enjoyed the beauty that snow can bring. We finally left for FL on Thanksgiving Day, just 2 hours down the road, we ended up with a flat tire , on the tow dolly, we’re so thankful for the place in which it took place & how it all turned out, all we could do was be Thankful 🙂 we r now in FL Thank you Lord

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