Seasonal Hermit

I am morphing into a hermit.

A seasonal hermit.

We call it SEASON (or snowbird season) because at this time of year there is a mass migration of people into our area. They come for the weather.  They come for sunshine and humidity. Escaping single digit temperatures, ice, snow and gray skies they head south.  Which in turn creates crowds and lots and lots of traffic.

People pay a lot of money to get here, stay here, visit the beaches, go to theme parks, be out and about.  They want to be outside.

All I can think of is getting HOME.

It’s hot. And humid. To me it already feels like summer and summer lasts a long long time here. And because summer does last a long time and the sun is hot and hours in the hot sun isn’t all that healthy I would prefer not to bake my body in it.

MOMD and I were laughing about this just a little while ago. Many many people come to our area and we just want to be home. I guess he’s a seasonal hermit as well.  

The folks who are heading to the resorts and beaches and other places outside have to GET THERE somehow which creates the traffic jams in our area.

I confess that people from other states get a bum rap if you listen to the locals. Poor driving habits are often associated with “up north” plates. Never mind that many of us are transplants and at one point our vehicles sported those same plates.  

And so, in a few short months the seasonal hermit will be replaced by the gadabout. The outside temperature will be much hotter, the humidity much higher but hurricane season promises to clear out the remaining snowbirds. Something to look forward to.  <insert shrugged shoulders and evil grin>.

Who knew hurricanes were something to get excited about?



  1. Ruth Ann says:

    I love the four seasons here in Michigan…..the winter this year was a mild one compared to last year because it didn’t start getting real cold till after the holidays,which was great! All the snow is gone from our yard and within a couple more days it will all be gone. It is supposed to be in the mid sixties next week and it is only mid March! My Christmas Cactus should be in full bloom by Easter! LOL!!! Looking forward to Spring, Summer and Fall…..if you want to spend the summer with us. You are more than welcome! We would love to have you! Oh, and thanks for the very sweet letter you sent me….it put a smile on my face….for sure!

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