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Thursday is not the only day I am thankful.  There is nothing magical about Thursdays.  When I started writing this blog I chose to write a weekly post about thankfulness and I chose Thankful Thursday because I liked the way it sounded.

Thankful Thursday posts can be difficult to write.  Not because I don’t have things for which to be thankful but because often the things for which I’m thankful seem so trivial, so seemingly ordinary.  Thinking about that for a while brought me back to why I write this blog and why it’s called Seemingly Ordinary. I write it to keep in the forefront of my mind that every day is filled with reasons to be grateful.

Some days are monumental-holidays, baby births, good health.

Other days?

Well, they are ordinary.

No chaos (at least no more than usual), a visit with a friend, a good sleep the night before. And yet aren’t those things for which to be thankful? Not everyone can claim them as their own. If not careful, we can, and often do, take them for granted.

Here are three more ordinary things…

Smoke detectors, daily mail delivery, traffic lights.

And three more:

Air conditioning, shoes, gas stations.

These might seem like trivial things but imagine life without them.

My family was in a house once where the smoke alarms alerted us there there was a problem. Everyone got out quickly and safely thanks to ordinary little smoke alarms.

Living in the warm steamy south I am thankful EVERY summer that our old outdated AC unit continues to function.

Today’s Thankful Thursday post is a reminder to myself (and maybe you) that there are things that seem ordinary or small until they don’t work, or we don’t have them.

What would you add to this list of seemingly ordinary things?


  1. Cathy says:

    Thankful for everything Cindi. Love your posts and most definitely, I thank you for you, my first friend…you truly inspire me. Many hearts coming your way.

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