Simple Pleasures

From my backyard

From my backyard

This morning when I looked out into my backyard I saw these beautiful colorful bougainvillea flowers.  My thoughts immediately turned to how I take things for granted.  This blooms almost all year round.  I planted it but hardly ever REALLY look at it.

We have been given the gifts of our five senses to enjoy life.  Things can seem so ordinary.  We see the same things, smell the same scents, hear a familiar piece of music and pay no attention.

I want to change that in my life. As I thought about it I made a short list of a few things I can do deliberately-not multi-tasking but do that one thing.

  • touch the face of a loved one
  • enjoy the fragrance of something such as a flower
  • deliberately eat something that I love, slowly, savoring the flavor
  • listen to a favorite piece of music

A few weeks ago MOMD and I did just this, he in his Lazy Boy and I am in my Lazy Girl.  He found a serene musical selection for us to listen to and that is what we did. We kicked back in our chairs and listened. We talked about it later and both said we felt so refreshed.



I’m challenging you and I’m challenging me to stop for a moment each day and do one thing deliberately for the pleasure of the moment.

Will you do it?

You make your list and I’ll make mine. Let’s compare notes and see if doing such a brief simple thing can be a perspective changer.

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