Differing Skill Sets_Thankful Thursday

The focus around this seemingly ordinary home has been improvement…physical, mental, spiritual and home.

MOMD had to have surgery a few months ago and we are ever grateful for the surgeon, nurses, anesthesiologist – those with skills honed through years of practice, practice, practice. His shoulder is much improved and now it is up to him to do the hard work of therapy under the watchful eyes of yet another skilled professional-the physical therapist.

We’ve had our roof, air conditioner, kitchen faucet, some flooring and a hot water heater replaced, two of which were older than our youngest hooligan.  All were installed by professionals.

Our new-to-us automobile has been serviced.

Crown molding is being installed as I type this.

I’ve read beautifully written books, listened to lovely music, eaten deliciously prepared food.

My point is not to bore you with a rundown of our calendar but rather to acknowledge the incredible diversity of skills which have affected my life. Whether you are a plumber, doctor, mechanic, musician, yoga or zumba instructor-you are making this world a better place.

You have made MY world a better place.

I am thankful for every skill represented, but more importantly the wonderful people that possess said skills!

Gratefulness matters!




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