Skilled Workmanship_Thankful Thursday

The seemingly ordinary home in which this seemingly ordinary family resides is undergoing some upgrades.

Quite a few hours of prep work have gone into one room in particular-an unguest room that will also be my office. It is an unguest room (as opposed to a guest room) because people aren’t treated like guests when entering this domain.

The project came to a point where a decision needed to be made.

Would I attempt to do the work necessary to add texture to damaged drywall to ready it for a fresh coat of paint? After hours of researching the steps and equipment needed to repair the walls and ceiling I realized it would become an exercise in frustration. The end result would not be good.

Fortunately I was able to locate the drywall person we used years ago when we did a major renovation. We were so impressed with his work and his work ethic that I was happy when he said he was available to give us an estimate on this new project. How grateful we are that he was able to give us the estimate and was available to do the work the same day.

Almost twelve hours later and money well spent we have a beautifully prepared ceiling and four walls.

Could we have done the work ourselves? Most likely.

Would it have been done as efficiently, quickly and professionally? Not a chance.

Beyond that, our drywall contractor was able to recommend some specialists for other work that needs doing.

There are things we will tackle ourselves in the renovation of the unguest room. I must say, however, that there are things best left to the experts.

I’m thankful today for skilled contractors!

Pictures will be forthcoming as progress is made.

Thank you for reading!



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