Someone Said You Could

Someone said you could and so you did.

When you were a young child, maybe someone notice that you were pretty good at catching a football or any object that was tossed your way. Because of that you were shuttled back and forth to ball practice. For decades. It involved discipline and sacrifice but you worked hard and the effort paid off.

Perhaps you had a talent for arranging furniture and accessories and others told you that you “had an eye for design”. You might not have known exactly what that meant but you liked experimenting with color combinations and the more you did it the more recognition you received for your talent.

You may be an extraordinarily compassionate person. For many years you were able to empathize with a person in pain and realized that just being there with him or her was helpful. You listened. Those around you took the time to point that out so you pursued a career in counseling to gain more tools to help.

All of these scenarios (and many others) occasionally happen because a person has a talent or gift and another person (or many people) notice it and comment on it. Maybe encourage the individual to follow his or her passion.

My intent is not to oversimplify here but just get us thinking.

There is a lot of work and intestinal fortitude and practice involved in mastering something. I am not minimizing that.

I do believe our words can be the thing to boost someone’s confidence.

How often do we notice a strength in someone but don’t say anything? Maybe we should. It might be just the nudge that person needs, a confirmation of sorts.

Has there been a time in your life where a comment made inspired you to try something new? Have you done that for someone else?

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