Something New


MOMD and I started a new tradition.

Silly Christmas decor

Silly Christmas decor

It is not one I would advise for everyone, even though we enjoyed it immensely.

We had a couple of false starts.

We went on our First Annual Christmas Light Viewing on our bicycles.

It ended up being chillier than we thought so after a loop around the block we came home to get our winter jackets and gloves. It was, after all, sixty degrees. Who knew the cold front would hit?

Ten minutes into our ride we get a text from one of the hooligans and his bride to be wondering if we would like to go look at Christmas lights with them. We explained our cars were in the driveway but we weren’t home but we would ride back to see them. There was some type of miscommunication we because by the time we got back home they were gone. Back down the block we rode. Five minutes later we got a text saying they are once more in our driveway.

Oh yes we did!

Fortunately our neighbors are use to our comings and goings. As a matter of fact they might be surprised if they saw any of us ever leave our home and actually be gone for a while.

We were finally on our way!

We rode by some friends’ home and confirmed they were home because we could see them through their front window. We stopped in just long enough for hugs and to disrupt whatever card game was being played.

It was a beautiful evening for a bike ride. There was a decided nip in the air. Many interesting displays this year. I never knew that dinosaurs had any part in the Christmas story.

We saw penguins and snow globes and Santa with mittens, Santas on Harleys, even Christmas kittens. Rudolph and snowmen and angels with wings. These were just some of my favorite things.

If you live in a climate warm enough to enjoy a bike ride Christmas tour I encourage you to do it!

Have you ridden around in your car to see the lights this year?


  1. Ruth Ann says:

    Yes, we have driven through our subdivision several times…..we are amazed at the phenomenally awesome light shows, on some of these homes!!! We get to enjoy them at their expense! You know it is not cheap to have set up,not to mention the light bill!!! Thanks neighbors!!! LOL!

  2. Claire says:

    My hubby and I, have been enjoying the Christmas lights on our evening walks. Since we have not put a tree or lights up this year .:-( The bike ride through the neighborhood, sounds like a good idea, maybe tomorrow night 🙂 Merry Christmas

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