Sometimes It’s Different

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Do you have a traditional turkey dinner? We do with a few notable exceptions.

One year we had spaghetti and garlic bread. My future daughter-in-law still teases me about this because it was the first time she met our family. I am happy to report that the weirdness of having spaghetti instead of turkey did not deter her from coming back although she was a little shocked at the time.

Now that our hooligans are adults with significant others we have to share them on the holidays. So for a few years we celebrated Thanksgiving the Sunday before Thanksgiving. The first time we did that felt so weird because MOMD and I were alone on Thanksgiving Day.

Before the afternoon was over, however, one of the sons and his girlfriend called and asked it they could stop by and visit. I told them sure but that I had not made any dinner. They came over and we had fun just being together. All of a sudden we realized we were hungry. I pulled some of the leftover turkey from the freezer and made turkey enchiladas and threw some other stuff together. Our son found some Mexican music and a memory was made.

Two years ago MOMD and I were out of town the week of Thanksgiving but planned on being home for Thanksgiving dinner. The kids divided the cooking. Then on the Wednesday night prior to Thanksgiving we called them to tell them we weren’t coming home. They were shocked. It seemed like a good plan until Thursday morning when I felt really sad about not being with them. We packed up, drove home and arrived just as they were setting the food out. That one worked pretty well, if you ask me!

There are always extras at our table. This year it will be a couple that just moved here and work with a some of our kids. Most of us haven’t met yet but we’re glad to have them.

Dinner will be casually served traditional food. No fancy centerpieces or fine china.

What will you be doing Thursday?


  1. Yvonne Markiewicz says:

    We will have our 2nd Thanksgiving dinner at Brit and Matt’s. Last year was their first and everybody was so impressed, that we all (Matt’s parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles and us) decided it would be nice if they hosted it every year. After preparing Thanks. dinner forever, my mom gladly passed the baton last year.
    So they agreed to make it tradition and we are thrilled! This year, their good friends (a found couple from church) will also join us, as their families do not live here. So I think that makes 16 or 18? Brit will make the turkey and everyone will bring everything else šŸ™‚
    Have a blessed day, my friend. xo

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