Sous Chefs and Mountain Climbers

Who doesn’t enjoy a good challenge every once in a while?

I can almost hear some of you groaning aloud, holding your head in your hands and muttering, “Oh no! What is she going to pester me about now?” Others, of a more adventuresome sort, are skipping ahead with baited breath (go brush your teeth, if that’s the case) wildly excited to see what we’re going to be tackling for fun.

Remember last September when we did the Thinking About Thirty fun ? Okay, perhaps fun is a bit of a stretch but anytime you try and put a positive spin on decluttering you end up sounding somewhat foolish, so what the heck?

In the beginning days of this blog I wrote out this small challenge.

Drum roll please.

The last month or so I started doing something that I had never consciously done before.

I have decided to read one book a month on a subject or person about which I know nothing.

The possibilities are endless because there is a lot of stuff I don’t know.  That’s just one good reason for this mini challenge to myself.

By becoming familiar with new stuff I will increase my vocabulary, making me appear smarter than I am. Appearing smarter than I am is a dumb reason to read a book for at least two reasons. First, appearing to be anything I’m not is dumb just on general principles. Two, there are many good reasons to read a book.  Now that we are all thoroughly confused let’s move on, shall we?

The first month I read a book about the life of a sous chef in an upscale eatery. This was a lifestyle of which I knew absolutely nothing, other than it is difficult competitive work.

This month I read a book published in 1952. It is the true story of a mountain climbing expedition of Annapurna. Before reading this book all I basically knew about mountain climbing was that it is hard work, takes a lot of preparation and that I’ll, in all likelihood, never attempt anything higher than the train ride to Pike’s Peak (which I loved, by the way).

I know many of you are readers or audiobook listeners. My invitation to you is that you join me in this fun journey of exploring new things.

If you would like to read or listen to one book a month on a subject or a person about which you don’t know too much I would love to hear about it. My interest isn’t about the titles and I don’t plan to make this a book reviewing challenge. I am more intrigued by the topics we all choose and why we’ve chosen them.

I liked the cover of the sous chef book and the first few pages captured my attention.

The mountain climbing book was lent and recommended by a friend when I told her of my self challenge.

So, will you join me? There is no form to be signed or promise to be made. You aren’t pledging your first born. I raised the hooligans so you are on your own.

I would like to hear from you. You can leave a comment below. Please realize your comment won’t show up right away. I have to approve it-it’s a spam blocking measure. Believe me when I tell you that you would not want to read the spam nonsense I receive.

If you’re shy about posting a comment you can always email me. Click here to send me an email I’ll mention what you’re reading about but won’t disclose any other info about you.
Thank you for reading!
I’m off to find my next book.


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