St. Patrick’s Day Treats_The Lucky Ones

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Good to know the Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day decorations are gone until next year.  I am happy to report that apparently we will now be exposed to decor celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

Some things stop me in my tracks and make me laugh.  Fortunately, I was not alone when I saw this.  While standing in the checkout line of a well known craft store my eye was drawn to this display.  I could not stop laughing.

Who thinks of this stuff?

I’m trying to picture the executive committee meeting when this idea was pitched. Was the person who presented the idea also the one who came up with the design of the little leprechaun with a slightly maniacal look in his eyes? Who named Lucky O’Pooper?

Who buys this stuff?

Ok, I confess that I was slightly tempted to purchase one these because it struck me so funny.  The desire passed which is when I decided I would be content with a photo.

Who receives this stuff?

I did have a recipient in mind when I considered buying it but then I realized I would face a dilemma.  There were no packages of additional nuggets anywhere near the display.  And I was certainly not going to ask the cashier the following question:

Are there replacement candies once Lucky becomes unlucky enough to dispense his tasty treats?

I wish you a smile at the absurdity of something you see today because sometimes you just gotta laugh!




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