Staging For You

Model homes are staged by giving the house a “family” with names, ages, hobbies and many other details. A future daughter in law is an interior designer and was explaining this process to me. The model home is a blank slate which must be made to look like a home, therefore filling it with personality.

It is not her job to create the “family” but rather to choose furniture, fabric and accessories in line with the mythical residents. Her corporate office provides the characteristics of the folks who supposedly live there and then hope someone coming to view the house will be able to identify and see it as “home”.

I am fascinated by this process-especially thinking about the person who’s job it is to create the characters. It is my thought that the mythical people are quite bland-or at least what we would know of them.

Jason is 10 and likes baseball.
Emmy is 8 and she likes soccer.
Grandma and Grandpa come to stay for a month and they golf regularly.

Someone probably did a study and realized that models are more likely to sell if decorated in this fashion. It’s not wrong it’s just different…and perhaps a tad unrealistic. Apparently some models even have fake food in them.

Now if they were going to represent a real family (at least ours when the kids were young) the package of cookies would contain crumbs of one stale cookie that no one ate because they would have had to throw out the container. Or maybe just the empty container.

The towels in the bathroom would have smudges because the kids didn’t quite get all the dirt off their hands after washing off the remains of the playground dirt.

There might be a dirty sock or 3 under the bed along with a month of accumulated dust and other items way too scary to mention here.

A pile of school papers, a gum wrapper, two nickels, a pebble and a key are scattered on the table by the front door.

A beautifully decorated and accessorized model home sounds like a great place to buy. Everything matching, new and perfect for our family…unless the perfect mythical fantasy family came with it.

NO, thank you! I will take my imperfect band of hooligans and my house any day.
We’d just mess up the model within three minutes anyway.

How would a model home be staged for you and yours?
What are some interests and hobbies of the people that live in your home?

At one point ours contained surfboards, skateboards, drums and guitars, fishing poles and volleyballs.

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