Taxpayer Money Hard At Work_Thankful Thursday

As I walked out of my public library this week I thought, once again, of some of the benefits of living near such a wonderful place.

book and magazines in modern library at university

I can search for a resource through the website, reserve it, have it ready for pickup at the location of my choice.

If my branch doesn’t have it someone will attempt to locate it and obtain it for me (without charge).  The search may even go outside of my county, at no cost to me.  Think about that, if you will. Counties share and even the postage is covered.  I know we can debate the fact that, as a taxpayer, I do pay for these services but it still seems like a great deal to me.

There are always things on display. Interesting things made or collected by people in my community. For instance, this week there was an oragami exhibition that I spent some time viewing and then told my neighbor about. My neighbor is of Japanese descent and I thought she might want her kids to see some of the intricate creations made of paper.

One item or fifty, it matters not. Free for the taking. I can lug the items home, keep them for two or three weeks, lug them back and not even do anything with them as they sit at my house.  When I bring my stack of books back someone else puts them away.  

I just drop them into the chute and POOF! my work is done.

For that matter, if I were to surrender my much loved dog eared library card to a friend of family member, that person could pick up any resources I have on reserve. Even better. Someone to fetch my books, the world at my fingertips. Digital books are available as well. 

Many individuals avail themselves of the computers and free wi-fi. Conference rooms are available to community groups. The staff is friendly and helpful.

I could go on about the benefits and the blessings of a public library system. Enough from me though.

I’d like to know what you think.

Do you use your library? How often? What types of materials or services do you find most useful?

If not, why not?

Thank you for stopping by on Thankful Thursday!



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