In No Particular Order_Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday is about as random as it gets this week.  Sometimes life is so seemingly ordinary. As I’ve thought about it I realized anew that seemingly ordinary is ok. In fact it’s more than ok. My days don’t always have to be jam packed with adventure, mischief or drama. (Frankly, I’m not a fan of drama). My week in review provided plenty of reasons for gratefulness…in no particular order of importance.

Rain. Last night we finally got a good soaking. It has been a very dry summer. There has been quite a bit of thunder, some lightning but very little rain. The sound of the rain on our roof last night was a music to my ears.

A text from one of the hooligans (affectionate term for our kids) in which he commented that the music he was listening to reminded him of his grampy (my dad). I was grateful that he let me know.

The opportunity to spend time with friends last weekend. Eating together, socializing, getting to know one another just a little bit more.

The variety of my reading material this summer. Often I get stuck in a rut or a genre but this summer I’ve branched out and it has been enjoyable and thought provoking.

Filing for work. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

I love the alphabet.

Give me a stack of papers that need to be alphabetized and I am a happy woman.  The last few weeks I have been organizing some work files and it has been relaxing and productive.

Anticipated events have been swirling around in my mind of late.  A visit from out of state family, a wedding shower, a trip in the fall, a wedding all are on the horizon.

Other people’s vacation photos and stories. Today I was with a friend who told me about something that happened while she was on vacation and I was doubled over laughing. I’ve seen photos of a sailing trip, an Alaskan trip, cabins and cottages and a vacation in Ireland.

MOMD (Man of My Dreams) continues to recover from his rotator cuff surgery. Back to doing away with mosquitoes as best as he is able!

This is a bit of a hodgepodge post but as I looked back over the last few weeks I realize again what a blessed life I lead.

Maybe your world has been more eventful this week.

Is there one thing in particular that would be your focus for a Thankful Thursday post? You’re invited to leave a comment in the section below.

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  1. Claire says:

    My thankful post for the week, lots of goings-on,
    a visit from a couple of grandsons, taking time out of their busy lives, to spend a couple of days with good old papa , and grandma. . 🙂

    While mom and dad joined them later, along with another daughter & her family.

    Grandsons heading home, 🙁 but , daughter & son-in-law joined us for a trip further up north . A special visit to hubby’s brother and sister – in -laws.

    Music night in town. Sleeping bear dunes , fish town, smoked white fish , a bottle of wine, cheese and crackers, a swim in lake Mi.. learned a new card game.
    a visit to a Library in which our sister -in -law works .
    A warm and cozy home in which to spend the night.
    Beautiful surroundings…
    Peace fullness.
    Thankfulness, ( an understatement .)
    How Blessed, how Grateful
    Thankful Thursday, Thankful every day. ….
    My cup runneth over. …

    May all that read Seemingly ordinary, not take a moment for granted, we’re all just seemingly ordinary people, with seemingly ordinary lives. Live, life, as though it were Heaven on Earth.
    Blessings Cindi, enjoying every read.. Keep it coming. 🙂

    • Cindi says:

      Claire, So glad you are having a wonderful, family filled summer!
      A swim in Lake Michigan? Was it cold?
      Thank you for sharing. Love you!

  2. Jill says:

    Sunday will be the last day of our campmeeting for this year. I’m thankful for this continuing tradition. One of our speakers, Dr. Stephen Manley, remains my favorite evangelist as he breaks down Scripture and makes it relevant to our needs today!

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