Two Quilts_Thankful Thursday

One of the quilts.

Made with love!

Some ladies from our church use their talents to put together beautiful quilts. The finished products are lovely in and of themselves but are designed for a specific purpose, as stated on the request form as noted below.

The prayer quilt is for any person experiencing a spiritual, emotional or physical crisis and needs the comfort of knowing that God is with them.

A request form is submitted to the ladies and a quilt is made. It is displayed in our church narthex on a Sunday morning with information about the recipient. Some of the squares have little pieces of thread sewn into them so that those coming into church can tie a knot as they say a prayer for the person to whom the quilt will be given. The majority of quilts are given to people struggling with illness.

For example, one was given to our friend Ron a few years back. He took it with him when he went to chemo.

It is my understanding that most of the quilts go to people that don’t attend our church.

A family we know recently experienced a very sad event. Two little girls lost their daddy in this tragedy. This family lives in a different state and has never set foot within the confines of our church. Our quilting ladies provided a stunning quilt for each little girl.  Our congregation offered prayer and the quilts were mailed.

The quilts will not make everything right for this family. Perhaps it will be a reminder to this family, however, that they are loved.

I’m grateful for this skilled group of women who choose to use their gifts in such a fashion. On top of that, I am thankful to be part of a church that prays and cares for strangers.

May I ask for your prayers on behalf of this family (if you pray)? A prayer of blessing for our quilters would be appreciated as well.




  1. Linda Grelles says:

    Praying for all concerned. The ladies making the quilts are a wonderful reminder that there are still many good Christian people in this world.

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