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serif-letter-elements-glossy-icon_GkbApnL_ (1)I came up with the idea to start Thankful Thursday the first week of my blog.  I decided to write about one thing for which I am thankful for each letter of the alphabet.  To make it more fun I started with Z and have worked backwards.

You can click here to read my very first Thankful Thursday post.

A month or two into blogging I began using an editorial calendar.  It is suppose to help me plan what I will write about. Filling out the calendar for Thankful Thursdays I suddenly realized my Thankful Thursday_A post would fall on the last Thursday of December.  Christmas this year.  Well, duh.  There are 52 weeks a year, I started writing halfway through the year and there are 26 letters in our alphabet.

It only makes sense to be thankful for the alphabet.  I love alphabetizing things. Weird, I know.  But on this last Thursday of the year I have so much more for which to be grateful than the alphabet.  Below are just a few of the blessings in my life.

I am thankful for:

All of the people who have helped me get this blog up and running.  This includes two of my sons who help with the technical aspects of this website.  They answer my questions, fix stuff if it breaks and tell me things I shouldn’t do.  They even promptly answer my texts and voicemails…  I know they think their paying clients get priority but, seriously, shouldn’t their clients understand if they are on a conference call and I text asking for assistance?

Both of my web designing sons should be able to say to their client, “Ok, I know your site is going live tomorrow and we still have 10 hours work ahead to get it ready but, dude, that’s my Mom texting me.”

Those clients would surely realize that the Queen of the Seemingly Ordinary comes first.

My other son has assisted me with photoshop stuff.  He’s always willing to help or learn how to do something to help me.  I bounce ideas off him and he listens and comes up with better ways to do stuff.

The daughters are encouraging and often share my blog on their Facebook page.  More people read my posts when it is about the hooligans. I wonder if it’s because the hooligans’ friends wonder how the hooligans turned out as normal (whatever that means) as they did when hearing some of the crazy adventures in their younger years.  For example, the time when we chased a police car.

Then there is MOMD.  He’s quite the wonderful guy.  Believe me he’s got a few quirky things.  He likes slapstick humor, green olives and gets quite annoyed if he steps in water in his stocking feet.  I don’t like the first two and rarely wear socks unless it’s zumba time so that last one isn’t an issue.  He is my biggest encourager in this and many other endeavors.

I am thankful for all the family and friends that read this blog regularly, leave a comment or let me know in some other way that Seemingly Ordinary is being read.

I’m thankful for all of this and all of you.

I’m reminded on a daily basis that gratefulness matters.



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