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As I drove over a large bridge this morning I thought of how I am grateful for it. It definitely is a time saver-unless traffic is backed up on it, of course.  Had the bridge been unavailable it would have doubled the time of my short excursion.

While thinking about physical bridges I thought about the bridge of relationships and how there are a lot of similarities.

Bridges often bypass an obstacle. That is why they usually are constructed.

Has the bridge of friendship deepened because of obstacles in your life or another person’s?  Some of my closest relationships came about because of a need in my life. Isn’t it great when bridges, rather than walls, are built when hardship comes?

They are a feat of engineering genius. Bridges must have a solid foundation and yet have enough “give” that they don’t collapse when battered by the elements.

Life intrudes. Change, often unwanted, is thrust upon us and it is just hard to walk it out. Just as there are physical seasons I’ve noticed there are seasons of relationships.

There are people in my life that I don’t get to spend as much time with as I would like. Circumstances or distance may prevent us from being together physically yet our foundation is strong and flexible.

Someone knowledgable must design and build the bridge. The components need to be the right type for the type of vehicles that will be using the bridge. The materials will often be subject to inclement weather or temperature extremes.

Not all of my relationships are the same.  I am more open with some people than with others.  There are some individuals with whom trust has been established and with whom I am more likely to bear my soul.  When I listen well and am deliberate with actions and words my relationships are balanced.


Image found at GraphicStock. Used with permission.


There must be enough support to withstand the weight that is applied to it-whether foot traffic, horse and buggy, trains or and/or other vehicles.

Bridges are built for different purposes.  By the same token, some relationships are more casual while others are more intense.  Resources such as time need to be invested accordingly.

Most bridges have some sort of railing to keep us safe.

All relationships need clearly defined boundaries in order to remain healthy.  The boundaries we establish and maintain with others help us to stay safe and grow. When those boundaries are crushed or ignored there can be grave danger.

Bridges need regular maintenance in order to remain usable.  As in most all road repair this usually involves inconvenience and delays on the part of the users. When routine maintenance is not performed disaster looms.

It is easy to take for granted something that seems to be working. Thankfully, I have a little sticker on my car window reminding me of when I should next get an oil change in order to keep my car engine maintained as well as an old beast such as mine CAN be maintained.

Unfortunately, most people don’t wear stickers on their foreheads reminding us to pay attention to them.  Sometimes I just get too busy and, if not careful, take for granted those I love the most.  As MOMD often says, “It takes time to love”.

I am grateful for both physical and relationship bridges.  Both serve to make my life more pleasant.

Thursday is not the only day I am thankful.  There is nothing magical about Thursdays.  When I started writing this blog I chose to write a weekly post about thankfulness and I chose Thankful Thursday because I liked the way it sounded.  I did not realize other people did Thankful Thursday posts.  I never paid attention to Throwback Thursday of Facebook.

I found two very interesting websites with regards to physical bridges.  The first one is old so some of the information is may not be relevant.  However I found some fun stuff on it.  It is the PBS bridge website.

The other site contains HOURS worth of reading about all facets of bridges and may be found here. Trust me when I say hours-as in the voice of experience speaking.

Do you like bridges?  Do you have a favorite?



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