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Below you will see a list of some of the jobs I have held.  Although I often didn’t want to have a job I am thankful for each of them.  I developed skills from each of them.  I learned things about myself from each and every one of those jobs.

A lifetime of jobs

A lifetime of jobs

Different management (or lack thereof) skills showed up in my supervisors.  My bosses ran the gamut of terribly ridiculous to phenomenal.  These were teachable moments because I studied how they did things.  I was told by one boss not to apologize to a co-worker for a mistake I made because the co-worker “hated” me.  I apologized anyway and the co-worker told me my boss was nuts and a liar. This was not new news.

Other supervisors were not only great managers they were pretty amazing people-generous, caring and encouraging.  I’ve learned from all of them.

From babysitting I learned that I loved children-especially babies.

From my busgirl job I learned that the restaurant business was not for me.

Cashiering, customer service and receptionist jobs taught me that I had a knack for dealing with people.  I learned many valuable lessons about helping people and listening to their needs-seeing each customer and his/her need as an individual case.

When I began working at the university I had VERY limited computer skills-basically email and internet surfing.  By the time I was laid off from that corporation I knew a whole lot more than that.  I discovered or rekindled my love for learning of new things and took advantage of many opportunities to bump up my skills.

From assisting my elderly friends I have learned that life is precious and time is short.  That when I take time to listen to their stories I find I am hearing an era of history recounted by someone who LIVED it.  I see resilience but an acceptance as well.

My passion for writing has been fueled by this blog.

I am thankful for the jobs I’ve held.  My Thankful Thursday_J word is jobs.

Oh, and might I add I am thankful for Steve Jobs and Apple products?

What is your Thankful Thursday word?


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