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My Thursday posts will be Thankful Thursday. It is my intention to deliberately think and write about one thing for which I am thankful. I invite you to do the same.

My plan is to write about a word that starts with a different letter of the alphabet each week. I started with Z and am working backwards.


I am thankful for nurses.  I mentioned nurses in my post on August 24, 2014 entitled Ordinary Opportunities because I am in awe of these people.  If nursing is your chosen career path I salute you.


Nurses help people.  Sometimes, as in the case of a hospital emergency room, the patient is experiencing intense pain.  This often makes the patient crabby and frightened.  I have witnessed nurses exhibit unbelievable compassion at these moments.

Bodily fluids and orifices seem like particularly unpleasant things to deal with but nurses have no choice.  Enough said.

A nurse often is the bearer of bad news. They don’t like giving the bad news anymore than the people on the receiving end like hearing it. Sometimes nurses have to deliver the information to a group of distraught people.   Sometimes this group of distraught people doesn’t get along well in the best of circumstances and the nurse gets the opportunity to field questions, keep things calm and do all of this while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Nurses that don’t work in hospitals or trauma centers still do great stuff such as manage clinical trials or participate in research.

Then there are nurses that work in less than ideal conditions such as third world countries, battlefields and natural disaster sites.  They go because there is a need and they have the skill and knowledge to meet it.

There is one thing of which I am envious.

They get to use cool words like di·a·pho·ret·ic (instead of saying sweating profusely) without sounding snobby.  I learned that word from one of my dear nurse friends many years ago and still just love the sound of it.


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If you are a nurse, thank you.

If you see a nurse today why not offer a word of thanks?


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