Thankful Thursday_Painting A Not So Perfect Poppy

Progress-not perfection-has been an underlying theme here since I started writing.

My very first published post laid this out.  That post was based on an event in which I participated.  At the time I did not realize how profoundly I would be impacted me-at least on the inside.

How did it change me?

It helped me identify the sense that perfectionism can take the fun out of an activity.

I was reminded that others, and I believe especially women, struggle with it as well.

It has the potential to keep me from doing something enjoyable if I let doing it perfectly be the standard on which I will base my success.

The event became the impetus to catapult me into the wonderful, crazy, world of blogging. I’m not sure I ever would have started blogging otherwise because I would have been waiting to be able to do it perfectly.

It didn’t really matter if the event was painting or knitting or baking a birthday cake.  The important take away lesson from it all was that it is okay to do something, even if I know I won’t be good at it.  I can enjoy the activity regardless of my skill level. Learning something new, being with friends and feeding my creativity are all important.

My Thankful Thursday post is the event of attending a recreational painting class.

Here is a little background. When I started writing this blog I decided to include a Thankful Thursday post every week.

In these posts I write about something seemingly ordinary for which I am thankful.

Thursday is not the only day I am thankful. There is nothing magical about Thursdays. When I started writing this blog I chose to write a weekly post about thankfulness and I chose Thankful Thursday because I liked the way it sounded.

I did not realize other people did Thankful Thursday posts.

Have you thought of anything ordinary that you are thankful for today?


  1. Jill says:

    Getting ready to attend one of those recreational painting parties and stressing that I can’t “do trees!” Thanks for this perfectly-timed reminder that It Really Doesn’t Matter!

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