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I’ve been to the prairie, Narnia and the battlefield of the war between the States.

My travels have included the Oregon trail and the Trail of Tears. I’ve been on a whaling vessel named Pequod, the Transcontinental railroad and many cross country road trips.

My residences have been located on Prince Edward Island, Ireland and the former Soviet Union.

I’ve lived in different centuries and had various occupations including farmer, teacher and coal miner.

A castle, the White House, a mental institution and the inside of a tree have been my home.

My medical conditions have included asthma, early onset Alzheimer’s and visual and hearing impairment.

All of this and more as a result of reading!

My word for Thankful Thursday_R is reading.  It is one of my favorite activities.

I am thankful for the emotions reading evokes.

Grateful for the shared bond of reading a good book and discussing it with a friend.  Glad for knowledge imparted, beautiful prose and a story that renders me helpless with laughter.


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  1. Juli Brunk says:

    When we were teaching our children to read, that is one thing I would tell them. “You can go anyplace in the world that you want to go, if you can read!” I love to read! Just finished (for the 3rd time) A Voice In The Wind – by Francine Rivers. This book took me to Jerusalem, Rome, Ephesus and may other places!

  2. Linda Grelles says:

    Reading is the reason for my sanity. I’ve enjoyed reading since I learned to put letters together to make words. Getting my library card was the beginning of many adventures. If you don’t read you are missing out on so much.

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