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V is for veteran

This is a paraphrase from the opening of my post from Thursday, July 3, 2014.

My Thursday posts will be Thankful Thursday. It is my intention to deliberately think and write about one thing for which I am thankful. I invite you to do the same.

My plan is to write about a word that starts with a different letter of the alphabet each week. I started with Z and am working backwards.

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Today’s letter is V.   Veterans is my Thankful Thursday word choice. Well-trained, seasoned and disciplined are some of the terms associated with the word veteran.

Usually when I hear the word veteran my mind turns toward the armed forces of the United States.

Does yours?

I truly am grateful for the sacrifice made by the men and women who wore the uniforms of all branches of service.  Whether by draft or enlistment the women and men who served gave of themselves by putting aside their comfort so that I could enjoy mine.  I appreciate that more than I can put into words.

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Other types of veterans surround us.  Veteran nurses, teachers, mothers, police officers, farmers, letter carriers are examples.

Seasoned in the work and knowledge of their respective fields, they often mentor those following behind. Fulfilling roles and completing jobs I would never consider as a career makes me grateful for those who serve me in that way.  And serve they do.  Just as those veterans of our armed forces, those in the “helping” professions certainly don’t become wealthy from their chosen career path.

What veterans would you add or do you have a different v word?





  1. Amy Turon says:

    A visit to the Arlington National Cemetery is a sobering experience. I have multiple family members buried there. Watching the funeral of my father-in-law at Arlington was a profound experience. Some things you just cannot put into words.

  2. jpratch says:

    When you wrote this I had just buried my Dad, a 94 year old Marine Veteran of three wars. Dad never stopped being a Marine.
    The funeral was a cross between my “big fat Greek wake” and full “military honors” but blended to perfection.
    There was a Marine Captain in his honor guard who handed me his flag. And after he spoke the traditional scripted words that escape quickly from memory, he ended with “Semper Fidelis” and I saw the tears welling in his eyes as they were in mine. In that moment, I understood respect in a new context. I responded “Semper Fidelis” and the moment passed, but never from memory.
    Semper Fi to those who serve and have served; may you understand the respect that you deserve, even when it is withheld.

    • Cindi says:

      I heard about the service…three wars! I am so sorry for your loss, John, but how amazing that you are a veteran and BOTH of your parents were veterans as well. Thank you. HUGS from our home to yours!

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